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MBBS in Bangladesh

MBBS in Bangladesh

Medical Admission in Bangladesh Low budget MBBS Admission. Middle class family student cannot afford huge donation & fees in Medical colleges in India. Best thing to study MBBS in Bangladesh.

MCI Approved colleges in Bangladesh

Standard of MBBS study in Bangladesh much better than Medical in China or MBBS Course in Russia or Philippines.


Why Is a Professional Medical Coder Important to Medical Billing?

--> Health care coding experts have a important role to engage in in the healthcare billing process. Each time a individual receives therapy, accurate codes have to be assigned to every single services or treatment. It is these codes that determine how these solutions will be billed. In search of the assistance of a professional and certified health-related billing business guarantees that your coding is done correctly for quicker reimbursement.

The principal duty of the health care billing staff is to see that the companies rendered by a healthcare provider are correctly billed. The health care coding specialist interprets medical reviews, summarizes the information obtainable in the documentation, assigns them appropriate codes, and develops the declare for submission.Health care coding involves the use of a system of alphanumeric codes identified by American Healthcare Affiliation. These codes explain different health-related, surgical, and diagnostic solutions. It's extremely critical that the medical coder interprets the medical report correctly to assign the proper codes. This will decide the quantity of reimbursement. For that reason accuracy in coding is crucial for suitable declare reimbursement.

A skilled health care coder would have a complete information of anatomy and health care terminology. Medical coders ought to also be common with and up-to-date on different varieties of insurance plans, federal government guidelines and, of training course, CPT, ICD-9-CM, and HCPCS codes and recommendations. It is this expertise that enables the health-related coder to assign proper codes for the techniques that ended up carried out and to supply the icare medical college haldia ;

medical billing personnel with the data necessary to procedure a assert for reimbursement.

The following details highlight the value of a expert medical coder in the medical billing method.

Assigns suitable charges - Assigning of costs to resources that have been used in client treatment. Narrative textual content is assigned to a code with an acceptable cost.
Establishes health-related indispensability of remedy - Healthcare coding aids to validate that treatment method is medically needed. Supportive documentation would make obvious what variety of solutions have been supplied. This would facilitate assignment of acceptable codes to make clear why treatment was essential.
Facilitates insurance policies reviews - Insurance organizations often carry out critiques to ensure the validity of charges. Supportive coding documentation allows insurance policies businesses to understand why specific expenses were submitted.
Gives specific reimbursement - Health care coding acts as the key source for specific service reimbursement. Appropriately assigned medical codes are collected jointly to inform the insurance payer about the treatment supplied to the client so that payment can be produced.
Assists with appeal denials - Some times payers reject health-related statements if they think treatment was not essential or if the promises ended up wrongly coded. In such a state of affairs, health care providers get an chance to attractiveness the payment denials by putting ahead supportive coding documentation that explains why distinct codes had been allotted for payment.

It is consequently distinct that medical billing and coding are inextricably joined. Only expert medical coders can guarantee a fruitful medical billing procedure.

Microscopes are among the most widely utilised devices in labs.Healthcare microscopes have an essential part in diagnostics as they arrive with effective features that enable viewing of a vast variety of pathogens indicative of several diseases. Foremost manufacturers offer condition-of-the-art versions for medical doctor and veterinarian clinics labs dealing with pathology, hematology, cytology, immunology, and microbiology and health care research.

Quality Functions for Improved Efficiency

Features may possibly differ dependent on brand name and design. Heads may possibly be binocular or trinocular. Even so, it would be excellent if your healthcare microscope provides the subsequent attributes:

Coarse and good focus changes
Lens with antifungal coating
Reflection eliminated with large quality 10x extensive field oculars coating
Modifiable Iris diaphragm
Stress manage knob
Titanium finished optics
Rugged alloy development
Acid and reagent resistant coating
Integrated mechanical phase with coaxial generate controls
Rack and pinion alterable ABBE condenser
Semi-Strategy or DIN Plan optics
Halogen lamp rheostat managed illumination method

There are models with LED technologies for brilliant area and epifluorescence microscopy, which make sure superior clarity and crisp imaging.This is specially helpful for viewing many pathogens indicative of respiratory diseases, autoimmune illnesses these kinds of as lupus and arthritis, celiac illness, tuberculosis, malaria, and for application in specialty areas this sort of as rheumatology, pathology, gynecology, and nephrology.You can also discover designs ideal for tissue lifestyle in which intricate and diverse purposes are the norm.This kind of microscopes are valuable for observation and education and learning or for specialist research in a clinical lab. Attributes these kinds of as very good depth of focus, area flatness, zoom and long functioning distance can enhance specimen inspection precision and flexibility.

Most Demanded Medical Microscopes

LW Scientific is the sector leader providing microscopes of varied groups and has a prosperous assortment of healthcare microscopes which are a lot demanding like the following.

LW Scientific Revelation III-A Dual Binocular Instructing Microscope
LW Scientific Revelation III-A Achro. Binocular
LW Scientific Revelation III-A Program Binocular
LW Scientific Revelation III-A Achro Trinocular with eyepiece
LW Scientific Revelation III-A-M Achro. Monocular
LW Scientific Revelation III-A DIN Achro. Binocular, LED

Obtain from an On-line Lab Products Shop

Shopping on the web for healthcare microscopes is straightforward, practical and cost-effective.Search lab products stores to appear up top quality instruments offered by market leaders like LW Scientific and Boekal Scientific. Medical microscopes are among the most broadly utilized devices in labs.Look at specialized technical specs and see whether or not they provide your diagnostic wants.A reputable lab products supplier would supply the instrument to you at prices which are considerably decrease than original.

The healthcare keep is not always an institution that everyone in a city visits on a normal basis. It is really excellent that they are there when you need them though. They promote a large sum of products, tests materials, and other medically relevant products to aid folks with persistent sicknesses dwell a far more relaxed daily life at property.

The healthcare retailer will carry devices like crutches for men and women who have wounded their knees, or ankles. Some of these items will be for sale and some of the retailers will hire them to you for the length of time you need them. You can also acquire or hire wheel chairs at these establishments.

The healthcare store will have blood pressure screens they will very likely have additional cuffs for blood force screens so the greater person or pediatric individual can have a suitable fitting cuff. They need to also have diabetic supplies like blood glucose equipment, lancets, testing strips, AC1 checks, ketone tests, and other diabetic supplies. Often they will carry the diabetic shoe line and the diabetic socks. The sneakers are special ordered after they have been match to the person's foot just to make them far more comfy.

A healthcare store that has a pharmacist in it will likely be capable to make compound drugs. The compounding of medicines is no longer accomplished at every single pharmacy, but the kinds in these types of institutions normally do the compounding because much more of their buyers need to have this service.

You will be ready to get oxygen and breathing materials at 1 of these institutions. The transportable oxygen suppliers that function off of batteries are more common than medical the older style suppliers that ended up hooked to a large tank. Some insurance coverage programs do not cover the moveable oxygen source machines although. You will probably be in a position to get nebulizers, air purifiers, vaporizers, and all other devices and devices that aid people to breathe simpler.

Many of these establishments have the nursing uniforms that the home health specialists put on. They could also have stethoscopes and other equipment that the residence overall health nurses need to have in their bags. A thermometer is typically necessary and protecting gloves along eligibility criteria for admission to mbbs course with hand sanitizers.

Most clients that are bed ridden will want a bedside potty chair that can be gotten from these establishments. There are also shower chairs to maintain the client from slipping in the shower or tub, and there are specific pads produced to location in the beds or wheelchairs of this persistence so that any accident they might have can easily be cleaned up. Grownup sized diapers will be available to sufferers through these suppliers as properly.

--> These suppliers are more than just a drug shop. They are the location to get everything that you may well need if you have a catheter in area or if you have a colostomy and require provides. The staff is helpful and they are nicely trained in all of the provides so they can aid you discover what you require with no trouble.

Business Attire and Etiquette

Business Attire


Guidelines for Everyone
  • Make sure everything is clean & wrinkle-free
  • Get a manicure, or give yourself one (it’ll make your handshake more confident)
  • Keep fragrances, jewelry & other accessories to a non-distracting minimum
  • Do a last-minute check in the mirror to make sure your hair is combed, your makeup isn’t smeared, etc.
  • Avoid onions & garlic for 24 hrs before the interview or career fair◦Use a breath mint or spray – not gum – a few minutes before!
  • Avoid carrying a backpack or casual purse—instead carry a leather bag or portfolio

Guidelines for Women
  • Suit (w/ pants, or skirt that falls just below the knee)
  • Conservative
  • Color that complements your skin-tone & hair color
  • Solid-colored blouse◦Simple style
  • Avoid low-cut necklines or frilly styles
  • Shoes w/ heels (avoid stilettos, though)◦Polished pumps or medium heels in color that matches your outfit
  • Stockings – Beige, tan or natural◦Avoid patterns or lacy stockings
  • Nothing too tight, too short, or too low-cut

Business Casual does not mean casual. It does not mean that you can dress however you want—you are still expected to look professional.
  • Shirts or blouses are acceptable, sweaters or knit tops will also work
  • Pants should be non-denim fabrics that complement the top
  • The addition of a fashionable jacket is always a nice touch.

Business Etiquette

The Handshake
  • If you extend your hand first, extend it vertically (w/ palm facing wall instead of ceiling), to signal cooperation
  • Make eye contact & smile
  • A firm grip is preferred in US – but avoid knuckle grinding
  • 4 to 5 ‘pumps’ conveys confidence & interest. Less appears standoffish & more is overkill
  • Practice w/ several different students. This exercise will help you determine what a “normal” amount of grip is
Body Language
  • Sit up straight & lean slightly forward
  • Don’t fidget
  • Watch your personal space. Too close is creepy. Too far looks like you’re ready to flee
  • Nod & show agreement & interest, but don’t overdo it
  • If you interviewer is interrupted, don’t stare while the interview tends to his/her business◦But, do check in visually & indicated a willingness to leave if they need privacy. This shows good social skills & awareness of others’ needs

Career as Professional Gamer

If you follow professional gaming, you probably heard about the DOTA 2 gaming championship where 16 teams of the world’s best DOTA 2 players battle for a share of more than US$2.8 million. The champion, Swedish team, Alliance, takes half of that sum from the 5-day event held in Seattle.
Even before the US (recently) recognized gamers as pro-athletes, there have been many other high-paying tournaments for hardcore players who are into Starcraft 2, Counter Strike and League of Legends (LoL). And age is no limit – big sporting events like these are becoming ever so popular as professional gamers as young as 13 begin competing at a professional level.
The International
(Image Source: Los Angeles Times)
For parents who are saying that "you can’t play video games for a living", well, you can thank the people behind the scenes who work so hard for the rest of the world to take pro-gaming more seriously. Apart from the prize money and the fame, internationally recognized players can now gain a US P-1 visa that is usually reserved for sports players. These visa holders can stay and earn a salary while ‘playing’ in the US.
The route to becoming a pro-athlete however takes hundreds of man-hours of practice, skill, determination and teamwork. It is hardly a walk in the park. Here are 10 basic tips to start you off on the path of becoming a pro-gramer.

1. Know The Jargon

Not necessarily the first thing to do but it is one of the more important ones, know that there is a lot of jargon involved in multiplayer games, and it’s not just limited to Internet speak. Game jargon varies, according to the games you play.
For example in MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games like DOTA 2, League of Legends or Heroes of Newerth, there are terms like stun, hex/voodoo, disable, lane, neutrals/jungle or ancients.
First person shooter (FPS) players also give unique names to spots or areas on the map. This allows your teammates to know the whereabouts of enemy players. Competitive gaming rely a lot on strategy and fast and effective communication with your team mates.

2. Practice Against AI Or Bots First

Many competitive multiplayer games today let you practice against Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Bots (Robots). If you’re still learning the ins and outs of the game while trying to catch up with everyone else, this is a good place to start.
You will be able to select a difficulty and practice on easier modes before moving on to harder ones. It is also a great place to get the hang of your controls and game user interface without having to think about where everything is. It may feel like a boring task but even the karate kid had slow "wax on, wax off" beginnings. If it helps, think of it as investing time into figuring out how to survive longer on the battlefield.

3. Play And Learn Together

Next up, play with real people. And who better to start storming the battlefield with, than with your friends. That’s the best part about multiplayer games as it pretty much functions as a social gathering of sorts over the Internet every other night.
Playing with friends also means you can quickly learn the game together by giving each other advice or by sharing your experiences. Who knows, this may also be where you form your team of similarly skilled gamers.
(Image Source: Penny Arcade)
Gaming is not always all about fun, it can get intense and include arguments or disagreements, but that is what you have to deal with from knowing your teammates’ playing style inside out. In the long run, it helps to know that you have finally assembled a team who will watch your back when that is quintessential to winning.

4. Watch Professionals Play

You can only get as good as your imagination can let you, so sometimes you need inspiration from the ones who have been there, done that. Watching professionals play lets you learn how the pros do it, how their complex teamwork and strategies work, watch their key twitch and split decision-making in action, tricks, ploys and more lessons that will help make or your break your gameplay.
The good news is, many pro-gamers allow the world to watch how they play live, made possible with live streaming. The number one site to watch these pros in action is on However, YouTube is also a good place to learn a game, even more in-depth.
Other times, instead of watching someone play, you can opt for tutorials and guides where YouTubers explain what’s going on. You can also find walkthroughs of single player games on YouTube if you’re stuck at a level.

5. Do What You Do Best If you want to be serious, there needs to be specialization of skills. Even though there are a lot of characters, weaponry and classes that are individually unique within a each game, it really depends on what combination you enjoy playing with the most.
This includes gameplay on the field, whether it’s running around the map, jumping headlong into the heat of the action, sitting still to farm gold or being the support member of the team.
(Image Source: HDwallsize)
You can find fun in every aspect of a game but to be a real awesome team player, be really, really good at what you do, especially one you seem to have a knack for, and find other same-spritied players to join you and fortify your team.

6. Get Some "Gaming" Gear

It can be really frustrating to be in the heat of battle only to find yourself losing because of faulty hardware. There is a reason why brands like Razer, SteelSeries, CM Storm and Logitech have gaming gear that can tear a hole in your pocket.
They are built for gameplay: durable, responsive, accurate and overall will enhance your gameplay and improve game performance. That’s definitely worth investing in.
Razer Ouroboros
(Image Source: Razer Ouroboros)
Gaming peripherals have high-quality hardware that also look good. While you may begin with cheaper alternatives, know that gamers swear by their gear, and take it from them that hardware plays a significant role in cutting down errors while in heated battle.

7. Search For Tips, Tricks and Guides

Watching people play means you can closely watch their movements, but this doesn’t give you information about the many other things going on inside their head. Part of understanding the mechanics of the game is to read about it, study it in-depth.
Tips and Tricks
The internet is a great source to find out more in-depth things of just about any game. We’re talking about knowledge on the characters, their skills, their moves with weapons, their armory, the playing field and more. No one said it was going to be easy, but the hard work may be well worth it to win games. Once you learn what each character is capable of doing, you won’t get caught off guard so easily.

8. Learning From hack-Free Experience

No one turns pro overnight, even professional gamers have to practice and train for hours a day – check out their live stream to get a feel of what gaming a whole day feels like. Consistent gameplay and charting your progression in terms of team performance may actually help build towards a gaming career.
Take every win and loss as a challenge to better your gameplay but it’s important to enjoy the game for what it is. If you ever find yourself needing to turn to hacks, don’t. While you may be thinking about using hacks to advance in the game, it isn’t actually a good step, mostly because you’re "not playing" the game anymore.
Pro-gamers are gamers who fully understand the game and exploit its mechanics (without hacks) to their advantage. It’s also the reason why many other fellow gamers respect their determination to climb their way to the top, hack free. Stay away from hacks and play it the right way.

9. Customize Settings For PerformanceThis is an extension from #6. Games can be very graphically demanding and might require you to have a high-performance computer in order to enjoy its an immersive gameplay. However, it’s ok if you don’t have a beefy computer. All you have to do is lower the graphic settings to ensure you have smoother gameplay during intense clashes.
Don’t worry of what others might think of the ugly graphics, pro-gamers do it all the time. They need fewer "beautiful" features because they’re not there for that. To them, the correct actions are what matters. Taking the load off the machines means less distractions anyways, and better performance.

10. Be nice to everyone

As competitive as it can get in the gaming arena, everyone’s there to play. Even if it is there to win, everyone is still looking for a good game. Don’t ruin the mood with senseless verbal brutality, particularly if you are new to the game.
Being nice to strangers can get you far, find you a fellow player to brave the tough training sessions ahead and some of them can teach you a thing or two about how to master the game faster and better. Don’t have friends to take into a game? Make some from it.

If you’re playing on a local server, you might have the chance to make new (real life) friends too, because not all people on the Internet are bad and shady – just tread with care when it comes to sharing personal information online. May the best player win!

MBBS Admission in IQ City Medical College DURGAPUR

MBBS Admission in West Bengal Contact us for more information
Contact us for Admission Guidance:- Click Here

IQ City Medical College & IQ City Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital
District :- BURDWAN
Pin:- 713206

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for admission to MBBS course is strictly based on Rules and Regulations of Medical Council of India. 

--> The candidate must have passed the qualifying examination as under: 
The higher secondary examination of the Indian school Certificate Examination which is equivalent to 10+2 Higher Secondary Examination after a period of 12 years study, the last two years of study comprising of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics or any other elective subjects with English at a level not less than core course of English as prescribed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training after the introduction of the 10+2+3 years educational structure as recommended by the National Committee on education OR other qualifications as recognized by Medical Council of India.

The Candidate should have passed the qualifying examination which is 2nd PUC or 10+2 higher secondary or equivalent examination. The last two years of study comprising Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB) with English as a compulsory subject, must have passed these subjects individually and must have obtained a minimum of 50% of marks taken together in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. In addition, in the competitive entrance test, the candidate must have secured not less than 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

In respect of candidates belonging to Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribes or Other Backward Class the marks obtained in Physics, Chemistry and Biology taken together in qualifying examination and competitive entrance examination be 40% instead of 50% as stated above.

Age: The candidates should have completed 17 years of age on or before 31st day of December of the year of admission.
 M.B.B.S (Annual Intake : 150 Students per Year )

Course Duration:
4 ½ +1 year
1st M.B.B.S -
One Year
2nd M.B.B.S -
One and half Years(1 ½)
Final M.B.B.S(Part 1)-
One Year
Final M.B.B.S (Part 2)-
One Year
Compulsory Rotary Internship Training-
One Year
Annual Intake:

Teaching Faculty 


Dr.Tapan Bhattacharyya


Dr. Sanjoy Rathod
Dr.PLN Reddy
Dr. S.Rajagopal
Asso. Prof.
Dr.Suparna Ganguly
Asst Prof
Dr.Sarangdhar Kumar
Asst Prof
Dr. Manjiri Tulsidas
Asst Prof
Dr.Arun Kumar
Dr.Nisha Bathla
Dr. Snehangshu Mondal
Dr.Supriya Ghosh


Dr.Rajiv Gupta
Dr.Sharad Kumar Mittal
Asso Prof.
Dr.Manoj Kumar Sharma
Asst. Prof.
Dr.Tarun Kanti Sen
Asst Prof
Dr.Samita Singh
Asst Prof
Asst Prof
Dr. Achileshwar Pd. Pandey
Asst Prof
Dr.Ansul Kedia
Dr.Ankur Thakur
Dr.Suboohi Jafar


Dr.Chhanda Basu Mullick
Dr.Deepa Chandiramani
Asso Prof.
Mr.Arindam Basu
Asst. Prof
Dr.Amresh Kumar
Asst Prof
Dr.Arun Sen
Asst Prof
Dr.Swaraj Kumar
Dr.Devani Darshan Kumar
Dr.Ramoliya Ketankumar Hansukhbhai

Dr.Anita Verma
Dr.Dipendra Kumar Katiyar
Asso. Prof
Mr. Deepshankar Chatterjee


Dr.Sandeep Krishnakumar Barve
Asso Prof
Dr.Sisir Kumar Mishra
Asst Prof
Dr. Arijit Pal
Asst Prof
Dr.H.N.Mohatsib Alam
Dr.Parmod Chhabrani
Asso Prof
Mr. Soumendu Bikash Das

Forensic Medicine
Dr.Laxmi Kanto Ghosh
Dr.Hasumati R. Patel
Dr.Ramhit Singh

Community Medicine
Dr.Sanjay Kumar
Asst Prof
Dr.Poonam Sharma

General Medicine

Dr.Santydra Nath Barman
Dr.B.E Karhad
Dr. Jeet Singh Nanakchand
Asst. Prof
Dr. Vijjnath Bhaskar Dube
Asst. Prof
Dr.Dharmendra Singh
Junior Residents
Dr.G. Prabhavathi
Junior Residents
Dr.Arindam Mallik
Junior Residents
Dr. Bhuva Dipenkumar Manushkbhai
Junior Residents
Dr.Debjyoti Ghosh
Junior Residents
Dr.Partho Debnath
Junior Residents
Dr.Patel Denishkumar Vasharambhai
Junior Residents
Dr.Amit Shankar Gupta
Senior Residents
Dr.Kinal Gujjar
Senior Residents
Dr. Patel Alapkumar Kanubhai
Senior Residents
Dr.Patel Bhantik Kumar B.
Senior Residents
Dr. Ritesh Prajapati
Senior Residents


Dr.Nandita Chattopadhyay
Dr.Sanjay Kurmar
Asst. Prof
Dr. Marasimhappa G.M.
Dr. Amritangshu Shekhar
Jr. Resident
Dr. Tinku Mondal
Jr. Resident


Dr.Dahiphalkr Shasikant S
Dr.Aftab Ahmed
Asst Prof
Dr.Kushal Raj
Sr. Residents
Dr.Souvik Banerjee
Sr. Residents
Dr.Sashi Babel
Sr. Residents

Dr.Bidyut Kumar Pal

Dr.Debjit Dhamali
Asst Prof


Dr.Arun Kumar
Asst Prof
Dr.Patel Tejal Dalpatbhai
Sr. Residents
Dr. Jain Mithun Sureshchand
Sr. Residents
Dr.Shreyasi Asraf
Jr. Residents

General Surgery

Dr.Surendra Bhandary
Dr.Subhranka Chakrabarti
Asst Prof
Dr.Vijay Kurmar Gupta
Asst Prof
Dr.Jasvinder Singh
Asso Prof
Dr.Tapas Mishra
Asso Prof.
Dr.Surit Majumder
Sr. Residents
Dr.Jiwesh Kumar Thakur
Sr. Residents
Dr. Jatin Bhojwani
Sr. Residents
Dr. Sayan Mondal
Junior Residents
Dr.Sukanta Saha
Junior Residents
Dr.Somya Subhra Datta
Junior Residents
Dr.Debajit Debnath
Junior Residents
Dr.Anupam Sarkar
Junior Residents
Dr.Manosij Maity
Junior Residents
Dr.Shetha Mehulkumar Madhavjibhai
Junior Residents
Dr. Sk. Asif Ahmed
Junior Residents

Obst & Gynae

Dr.Sunita Mahante
Dr. Tapan Kumar Bhattacharyya
Dr.Bishnu Prasad Choudhury
Asst Prof
Dr.Sunita Sanjay Kumar
Sr. Residents
Dr.Preeti Maurya
Sr. Residents
Dr.Ravi Sani
Junior Residents
Dr.Nitin Kumar
Junior Residents


Dr.Subhra Paul
Asst Prof
Dr.Nitish Kumar
Sr. Residents
Dr. Amol Bansal
Sr. Residents
Jr. Residents


Dr.Joginder singh
Asst. Prof
Dr.Kunal Subhas Mukherjee
Sr. Residents
Dr. Nassim Mondal
Junior Residents
Dr. Nilesh Godhani
Junior Residents


Dr.Sandeep Barve
Asso Prof/HOD
Dr.Sisir Kumar Mishra
Asso Prof
Dr.H.N.Mohatsib Alam
Dr. Arijit Pal
Asst. Prof

Radio Diagnosis
Dr.Manika Wadhwa
Asso Prof
Dr.Jawahar Lal
Asst Prof
Dr.Chaudhari Ananta A
Sr. Residents

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